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Bracelets are a chic and classic jewellery that instantly enhances the look of an outfit. This fashion jewellery is available in different styles and designs and is worn by people of all ages.

To get a fashionable look, it is very important to select the bracelet that perfectly complements your outfit.

Set Includes Two Bracelet’s:

1-Box Chain Model

2-Chain Link Model

Have a look at this gorgeous design of Classic Bracelet ! 1

Classic Bracelets to accentuate any look for any occasion. don’t miss the two Stylist Variants. 2

Stay classy with our Classic Bracelet’s set .This trendy bracelets blend well with almost every outfit. “ classic bracelet comfortable, affordable and always beautiful ” . a classic bracelet set is a better way to express your individuality !

Exclusive Classic Bracelet’s set is the perfect Bracelet to define yourself  ! 

This beautiful bracelet has beautiful Gold Plated Finish it also Includes removable links to fit wrist. This jewellery design goes well with both traditional and western outfits. This bracelet has 15.24 cm Length that’s why it is beautifully worn by all women. 11

For all those who love to wear a watch along with a bracelet, this jewellery is something designed especially for you.

To make this bracelet prettier, these are made with delicate chains. To give it a unique look, there is a watch attached in the middle. 

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