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Everyone Confident In Crop Top

Summer is in the air. Flowers are starting to bloom, butterflies are starting to dance in the air, and lighter clothes are making their way out of closets. When it comes to summer, cute outfits are everything. Shopping is practically a must, and testing the waters of fashion can be fun. The different styles are amazing to play with. As the sun warms up the air around us, we want to feel as good in our clothes as we do in the weather. One style that has transformed through the years, continuing to be a hit for girls all over, is crop tops. Love them or hate them, They are definitely coming out this summer.

Every girl should own at least one. If you don’t have the confidence to add one to your wardrobe, these tips can give you a boost. Once you find the right look for you, you’re going to want a dozen more.

Women Striped Cami Crop Top:


  • Color : Light Sky Blue
  • Style : Casual
  • Pattern : Stripes
  • Neckline : Straps
  • Occasion : Beach

Camisoles are yet again a sleeveless upper garment, but besides that, they are different from regular tank tops. Unlike regular tank tops, camisoles have spaghetti straps and are usually worn as a layering shirt. When it comes to materials, camisoles are often made from satin, nylon, silk or cotton. In modern usage, a camisole or cami is a loose-fitting sleeveless undergarment which covers the top part of the body but is shorter than a chemise. A camisole typically has thin “spaghetti straps” and can be worn over a brassiere or without one.

Women Striped Off The Shoulder Crop Top:

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  • Color : Light Blue
  • Style : Chic & Modern
  • Pattern : Stripes
  • Neckline : Off-the-Shoulder
  • Occasion : Street Wear

Combine a colorful top with denim culottes, yellow leather sandals and a black bag. Don’t be afraid to mix items with various prints, for example, you can repeat an outfit with a striped top, polka dot high-waisted pants, flat sandals and a red small bag. Off shoulder tops or off the shoulder tops was first noticed in 1950s and ’60s from Brigitte Bardot because of her cold shoulder look, which implemented off the shoulders tops and dresses and was originally dubbed as “The Bardot”. Well, off shoulder tops sounds like the hype was real back then.

Women Striped Short Sleeve Buttons Crop Top:


  • Color : Yellow , Red
  • Style : Chic & Modern
  • Pattern : Stripe
  • Neckline : Jewel
  • Occasion : Street Wear

Some experts say crop tops are out of style, but believe me, they’ve recently come back with various colors, details, and fabrics. They’re gonna be the biggest trend of the upcoming summer. If you do want to wear a crop top, then you should know several tips on how to make it work for you. Crop tops are everywhere these days. Girls wear them because they’re an easy way to stay cool and show some skin. Everyone’s wearing them here where I live. And now with activewear being in style, crop tops help make the perfect outfit.

Women U Neck Printed Crop Top:

MiX1sVrhmzidtK9M4HUBPGvKkjGISQDhaH0m1U5HbxLdgpEVN3tPoXaJ7nrRVLMIEr34kkjARluUHnNpMyB7lY2i3A1FeS14U YjrOgMUCFJfXi5nbj tjpu46QbCMr3McFB YVz

  • Color : Light Blue
  • Style : Comfy
  • Pattern : Printed
  • Neckline : U-neck
  • Occasion : Daily Casual

Drop jaws by styling your favorite crop top with a midi skirt and a pair of heels. Add a choker and sunglasses for a classy look. Pair a crop top with a pair of palazzo pants. Tie your hair into a side bun and add some dainty jewelry. High waisted formal pants with a shirt can make for a formal attire; a pair of printed palazzos with a crop top can pass off as party wear; and just a plain high waisted jeans or skirt with a ruffled chiffon top, peep toes, and a cute tote or sling bag can be the perfect outfit for a get together.

Women Polka Dot Crop Top

  • Color : Dark Blue
  • Style : Chic & Modern
  • Pattern : Polka Dot
  • Neckline : V-Neck
  • Occasion : Street wear

According to Wikipedia, A crop top (also cropped top, belly shirt, half shirt, midriff shirt, tummy top, short shirt, and cutoff shirt) is a T-shirt or blouse with the lower part cut off, showing off some of the abdomen. The half shirt (or belly shirt) is a kind of shirt that is cut off from the bottom of the chest. This chic crop top features polka dot print, ruffle sleeves, and an elasticated hemline.

Women Knitted Crop Top:

KnKkstnasWVYjQTGHDUtR t4cN3b4eelwzArPI2sja4gQyJNO1YOHCGTmpdNQd6UO4tx8Y GdPAqZGYlXSyljdZrShKLVMZvKO9iDOphpmlR6VfQAQ X3pqz8l knV9T1VC MYF3

  • Color : Apricot , Green , Black
  • Style : Chic & Modern
  • Pattern : Solid Color
  • Neckline : V-neck
  • Occasion : Street Wear

It’s a pretty straightforward knit that can become the perfect vacation project, as it doesn’t require much yarn, knits up fast and it’s very easy to make. In the simple knit piece as this one, yarn will play the main role. The top is knitted mostly in the round, but the top part is knitted flat. If you are unfamiliar with circular knitting and the difference between knitting stockinette in the round and flat, then take a look at my introduction to circular knitting.

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